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The AXIS Camera Mount System uses our AXIS Camera Mount Brackets, an aluminum mast 1.75 In. in diameter, and the INOVATIV Horseshoe Plate. The System is height adjustable and the INOVATIV Horseshoe Plate can rotate 360° or rise and fall along the 1.75 In. aluminum mast. The AXIS Camera Mount System can mount to any pole 2 In. in diameter.

Kit Includes: AXIS Camera Mount Brackets | 1.75 In. Mast | Horseshoe Plate

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An add-on accessory for the Dual Bar the AXIS Small Hook is the perfect accessory for keeping cables organized or other items nearby and off of the floor. The AXIS Small Hook is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized black with INOVATIV’s triple anodized mil-spec process.

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Do you have an AXIS Dual Bar and need to off-set mount a wireless receiver, wireless transmitter, antenna, or other baby pin mounted accessory? The AXIS Baby Pin Bracket with Pin provides an off-set of 3.5 In. from the AXIS Dual Bar.

With 16 locations on the AXIS Dual Bar where the AXIS Baby Pin Bracket with Pin can be connected, you will have plenty of options for mounting your equipment.

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All Kits Include: Dual Bar Bracket & 2 Convi Clamps

The AXIS Dual Bar gives you the ability to easily mount 2 monitors. The AXIS Dual Bar can easily be attached to an AXIS Stand, C-Stand, rolling stand, or anything up to 2″ in diameter.

The AXIS Drawer can be connected to either the Case Platform or Digi Platform. Measuring in at 20.5 In. W x 12 In. L x 4 In. H, the drawer provides 960 cubic inches of storage space. Outfitted with a three-digit combination lock, self-closing drawer slides, and black outdoor marine carpet.

Kit Includes: Drawer | Mounting Hardware

The WorkSurface Pro is a one-of-a-kind workstation. Coupled with our unique and Patent Pending vDrop System, the WorkSurface Pro can be mounted to pole that is up to 2 In. in diameter.

All WorkSurface Pro Kits Include: WorkSurface Pro | vDrop Mount | 2 Convi Clamps

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The Easy Release Plate is compatible with the DigiCase Mount, DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite. This is the same plate that comes with the DigiCase Mount kit. Extra ERP’s come in handy to keep different mounts at the ready so switching from a tripod to a c-stand can be done in a few seconds. The 2016 ERP has been redesigned to work seamlessly with Arca Swiss style tripod heads.

Kit Includes: Easy Release Plate, (2) 3/8-16 In. Stainless Steel Thumbscrews, and (1) 3/8-16 Flat Head Allen Bolt.

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The DigiCamera Plate attaches to the bottom of the camera and uses a friction system to keep tether cables from pulling out the dainty connectors that most tether cables are equipped with. The friction system is so effective, you can actually carry the camera around by the tether cable.

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Do you want to mount your iMac to your DigiPlate Pro? The DigiBar secures your iMac or Cinema Display to the DigiPlate Pro. Combine that with a DigiBase, and you can mount it all on a rolling stand or workstation.

Kit Includes: DigiBar | 2 Thumbscrews | Mounting Instructions

Not compatible with the DigiPlate Lite.

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The DigiBracket connects the DigiPlate Pro and DigiPlate Lite directly to the legs of your tripod. Machined from strong and lightweight 6061 aluminum, the bracket keeps your laptop secured and close to camera when you are working solo.

Kit Includes: DigiBracket | One 3/8-16 x 0.5 In. Socket Cap Screw | 2 Pieces of 2 In. x 10.5 In. Black Gaffer’s Tape

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The DigiPlate Pro is the foundation of all DigiSystem products. It is based on the tried and true “cheese plate” design used by professional photographers and cinematographers. With 161 holes tapped with the very common 3/8-16 thread size, the DigiPlate Pro is virtually limitless when it comes to expandability. All accessories are sold separately or by the kit. The DigiPlate Pro comes with one 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 step-down bushing to work seamlessly with tripods or tripod plates that use a 1/4-20 sized bolt.

Kit Includes: DigiPlate Pro | 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 step-down bushing | Instructions

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The Ultimate Mobile Digital Tech Package for Tethering, Data Management, Laptop and Equipment Storage.

The 1535 Pro Ultra Kit is a portable and ruggedized digital photographic workstation that is configured with our top-tier DigiSystem products. Based on the DigiPlate Pro tethering plate and housed in our waterproof 1535 DigiCase Pro, the 1535 Pro Ultra Kit is in a league of its own. There is no other 1-case solution in the marketplace that gives you the ability to travel with both a full DSLR camera setup and laptop computer system.

Kit Includes: 1535 DigiCase Pro with TrekPak | DigiPlate Pro | DigiClamps – Laptop Universal | DigiClamps – Accessory Universal | DigiShade Pro | DigiMouse Pad | DigiLegs | DigiBase.