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3di Syntheses, based in Montreal in the province of Quebec, is a human-sized company created in 1993. The company specializes in the integration, sale and rental of computers, for digital production trades and industries video games, video, television and cinema.


3di Syntheses is now part of APY Group, a French company recognized in Europe for the design and integration of tailor-made professional IT solutions for the image professions. This combination allows 3DI Syntheses to rely on the technical expertise of APY's European teams in the areas of storage, GPU and CPU computation, and artificial intelligence.


Created in 1998, APY has firmly established itself in Europe as a provider of technological solutions for film production. It is not uncommon for French and foreign production companies to use equipment designed and assembled under the APY brand for the production of films and commercials for film and television.


Since its creation, APY has been developing and assembling its own workstations, calculation servers and file servers. This feature allows it to quickly provide the best solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. The experience acquired over the years, the excellence of the components used and the know-how of the APY Group's teams are essential to meet the performance and reliability requirements related to the digital image sectors.

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