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APY workstation with 3rd generation AMD Ryzen ™ processor utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. We also have it Equipped with powerful and innovative technologies, GeForce® RTX graphics cards are the ideal choice for working in high definition. Accelerated by NVIDIA Turing ™ the most powerful GPU architecture ever built.

2U APY GFX Z G1 low profile rack-mount workstation

"The power of a workstation in a rack-mountable chassis, to form a base for renferrfarm CPU / GPU."

IA Workstation for Learning Machine, Version 2 Intel Xeon Processors Silver4114

NVIDIA-powered data science workstations are based on a powerful reference architecture made up of dual, high-end NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ 6000 or 8000 GPUs and NVIDIA CUDA-X AI accelerated data science software such as RAPIDS, TensorFlow, PyTorch and Caffe.

IA Workstation for Learning Machine, Intel Xeon Version W-2145

Maximize productivity, reduce time to insight, and lower the cost of your data
science projects with the NVIDIA-powered Data Science Workstation
featuring Quadro® RTX™ 6000 or 8000 GPUs and software powered by NVIDIA CUDA-X
AI accelerated libraries.


This workstation is the best compromise if you start your AI projects. The AI Mt G4 can ship up to four NVIDIA graphics cards (Geforce RTX, Titan RTX or Quadro RTX). The power of the integrated Tensor Cores in each GPU gives you significant power for Deep Learning.

This station also has an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX  processor that takes advantage of 32 physical cores and 64 threads. An association with the many GPUs that allows the APY AI Mt G4 to be perfectly sized for fast data processing in machine learning.

APY AI LX G4 Station:

Scalable Intel Xeon processor W-2155 (10/20 cores) at 3.3 GHz, 256 GB DDR4 ECC REG memory, - 4 x NVIDIA Quadro GV100 32 GB cards with NVLINK, 1x SSD 256 GB (OS), - 2 x 10TB (Data) drives in RAID 0 or 20TB needed, - Linux Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS, - 1600W Power Supply

APY GFX MY station:

EPYC 7551 Single Mono 32hz thread Hearts - 64GB DDR4 ECC Memory - 1 x 256GB SSD - 1 x M.2 512GB - 1x AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 Graphics Card - Windows 10 Pro x64