Pro Graphics workstation

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APY workstation with 3rd generation AMD Ryzen ™ processor utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. We also have it Equipped with powerful and innovative technologies, GeForce® RTX graphics cards are the ideal choice for working in high definition. Accelerated by NVIDIA Turing ™ the most powerful GPU architecture ever built.

2U APY GFX Z G1 low profile rack-mount workstation

"The power of a workstation in a rack-mountable chassis, to form a base for renferrfarm CPU / GPU."

APY GFX MY station:

EPYC 7551 Single Mono 32hz thread Hearts - 64GB DDR4 ECC Memory - 1 x 256GB SSD - 1 x M.2 512GB - 1x AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 Graphics Card - Windows 10 Pro x64